Registered users can now add events to the calendar!

You must be registered to view and edit calendars.  Please only add homeschool relevant items.  Thank you!

Click Here to Add an Event

Here is a sample of the Add Event form.  

Please note the following items, marked in red:

Add Calendar 1.  Name of your event.

2.  Select appropriate calendar.  You may NOT add to the THINK Events calendar.

3.  Enter the a brief description, time, and URL link (if applicable) of the event. Try to keep it under 140 characters, the length of tweet or text.  This will allow users to see other events on that day.  Add "Click Title for More Info" if using URL. (Be sure to clear all formatting if copy/pasting or using IE.)

4.  Add the date and time in the following format:  YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM.  Ex: 2015/01/30 08:00 
Time currently isn't showing on calendar.  Looking into adding.

5. If none specified, it is listed for one day.

6. Point to any URL desired.   Add "Click Title for More Info" in description.

7.  Select No or Yes.  Enter appropriate time period.  Period Start and Period End are in YYYY/MM/DD format.  Ex.  Library Homeschool Event every Second Tuesday each 1 months from 2014/08/12 to 2015/05/12

8.  Don't forget to save!  :)