January 2013

Dear THINK Friends,

Home Education in the Sewell Household has happened in so many ways in 2012.  If your family is like ours, you spend an equal amount of time outside the “3 R” curriculum teaching and training your children in the way that they should go.  Some of the areas of training that was tackled in our home this year was learning how to be good sports, how to participate in a classroom discussion, how to be humble when you are not chosen to lead or when you are overlooked, how to be a friend if you want a friend, and how to express forgiveness (just to mention a few!)

Although it appears only our children learned these new disciplines, God equally matured us as parents and as people when we had to teach our little ones how to rise to these sometimes very difficult occasions.  For our home, discipling our children moment by moment reminds us our imperfection and need for God’s grace and strength.  May you find as much of both of these that you require this year as you endeavor to carry out another year of home education.

Happy New Year from the THINK Board of Directors,

Jeff and Beth Sewell

Steve and Betsy Stockman

Chris and Carol Wallace

Brad and Chris Ellzey