Hello Everyone!


It's that time of year again -- "The Slump"  

I personally hate this time of year.  This is when I begin to question everything.  "Why did I pick this curriculum again?  Why are there so many worksheets?  Is this too much or too little?  Why did I sign up for so many classes?  What was I thinking?  Should I be homeschooling?  Why isn't this working?  Why are they so far behind?  We'll never finish!  I am DONE with homeschooling!  I am SO sending them to school next year!"

Anyone else feel this way?

Of course!  We all do.  But that's where our support groups and systems come in.  We talk to each other, receive encouragement, and reaffirm what we already know:  

This is what is best for our children.

Sometimes, we fall into the trap of comparison.  All children are different.  You may have one child that is gifted in math and science, who excels at all things kinetic.  Another may be gifted with words and all things written and spoken.  Your friend may have one whose strength lies in nuturing.  This doesn't mean that one is better than the other.  Seeking and growing our children's unique gifts is our goal. 

This is where questioning our curriculum choices comes into play.  We feel guilty that after researching, choosing, and purchasing $$$ curricula, it doesn't work.  It may be only one piece doesn't work, or it may be everything that doesn't work.  It's ok to start again.  Sell it and try something new.  Ask a friend it they have any recommendations or if you can borrow something.  But don't give up!  I have been homeschooling for 7 years, and I still am always looking for what works.  

Did I really just say 7 years?  Yes, and it is still the best decision for us.  When my kids were toddlers, I would have told you I would never homeschool my children. (Haha!  God laughs.)  Circumstances changed, and I needed to homeschool. So, I went to the "experts" I knew:  my sisters.  One of my sisters and two of my sisters-in-law had made the decision to homeschool.  I thought they were crazy, but I couldn't argue that I wasn't.  I asked them everything I could think of.  Some had only been homeschooling a short while, and some for quite a few years.  They are still experts in my opinion, and I still need their encouragement.  This may be the most important thing they could have given me.  They are still homeschooling, and just by doing that, knowing all the craziness (being a missionary in a foreign country, having a job outside the home, overcoming heath issues) that they are dealing with in their lives, is very encouraging to me.

We draw our strength from each other.  Don't be afraid to stand up and ask for help.  Pray!  Take that break and hide in the closet for a few minutes.  Try to regain some sanity.  Take a deep breath or even a whole day to reset.  Pick up the phone and call a friend.  Or skip out on that class and take a much needed ice cream break!

Candace Granstaff
Board Co-Chair