Providing information and support to NKY homeschooling families on the happenings at the national and state levels as well as in our own community.


The Flaugh Family


Robert and Michelle Flaugh

Secretary (Michelle)

The Flaugh Family has been in the Northern Kentucky area since 2002.

Robert is veteran of the Armed Services, flew for the airlines and is currently a pilot for a large private company that serves clients from all over the globe. During his many travels, he has been on every continent but three, has traveled to over 25 countries and over 500 cities.  Michelle has worked in over 13 industries, primarily as an administrative assistant and lastly as a paralegal.  They currently live in Florence, Ky, homeschool their daughter and are part of a Classical Conversations community.  Their two oldest children live in Vermont.  Their older daughter is a certified massage therapist and their son works as a cook for a small, yet very popular pizza parlor.


The Wilson Family


Cara and Ben Wilson

Field Day Coordinators

Cara Wilson and her husband Ben have been married for 20 years.  They currently live in Independence with their four children.  Their children are ages 15, 13, 13, 11, and 3.  Ben is an attorney with Wilson Law PLLC.  Cara worked as a social worker until she was fortunate enough to become a stay at home mom. She is also a volunteer with For Jamie’s Sake of Northern Kentucky a foster and adoptive resource agency.  Ben and Cara have been foster parents for nearly six years.  They decided to homeschool two years ago after becoming increasingly frustrated with the public school system.  Cara runs our Field Day event, the largest event of the year.

The Schember Family

Paul and Andrea Schember
Treasurer (Andrea)

Paul and Andrea Schember are serving as treasurers for T.H.I.N.K. this year. They have been married for 17 years and currently live in Mentor with their two children. Paul teaches 8th grade science at a public school in Ohio and has a Master’s in Educational Leadership. He is, naturally, the principal of their homeschool and responsible for the children’s incredible knowledge about plants- specifically local plants that are safe for his classroom tortoises to eat. Andrea did a 180 regarding homeschooling after teaching Spanish and Art in a local public elementary school. The children have been homeschooled since birth, but occasionally get a glimpse of public school by spending an hour during the day with their dad at his work.  The Schembers joined T.H.I.N.K. in 2009.

The Granstaff Family

Taylor and Candace Granstaff

Website Administrators & Board Chairs

The Granstaff family has lived in NKY for the past 11 years.  Taylor and Candace have been married 15 years and have 2 children.  Taylor is currently in a Sales position at Promevo.  He sells SAAS to businesses.  Candace is a Web Professional, which means a little of everything on the internet.  She designed the current THINK website and is always looking for ways to improve the content.  Their oldest, 14, was in a public preschool for 1 year, and they have since homeschooled.  As a family, they enjoy outdoor activities, traveling, art, and are almost always off on an adventure!


The Powers Family

Charles and Larissa Powers
New Homeschooler Leaders

Not Pictured:  
The Harper Family

Jeff and Heather Harper
Party and Teen Event Planners